Friday, May 14, 2010

The Untouchable $2 Million

On Wednesday, the town's auditors presented their budget analysis to the council.
One part of the analysis was the cost of "Extra-Curricular Activities, Athletics and Transportation Costs."
The transportation costs were for field trips, athletics and "courtesy" busing from home to school.
The total cost of these items was just under $2 million.
The auditor estimates that 1,200 students are involved in these activities, and the costs could be offset with a "pay to play" fee. He assumes $100 per student would recoup a measly $120,000.
What he does not mention is the cost of these activities per student.
If 1,200 students are participating in these activities and it costs the town $2 million dollars, we are talking about almost $1,700 PER STUDENT. For that price we can just buy all the kids season tickets to the Yankees.
Why are we spending so much for non-educational purposes? The school budget was defeated by the voters, the board complains they are flat broke and taxes have to go way up, yet here is $2 million dollars that should be cut immediately.
Is it the taxpayer's responsibility to ensure that little Johnny gets to play varsity football, provide him with uniforms, equipment, a coaching staff and free transportation to games all over the state?
I think not.
End the school sports programs. Save two million dollars.
It's time to tell the Highwaymen to hit the road.


Out Of Rightfield said...

And here's more (from the Record): In Paterson, school leaders began handing out 858 layoff notices on Wednesday, including 421 to tenured staff. Paramus gave out 19 on Wednesday, and Englewood handed out 88 earlier in the week. Bergenfield will give out 25 in coming days. The City of Passaic will send out about 130.

What about Teaneck? Where are the teacher layoffs in an ever-shrinking school district? Are the 21 teachers we are losing due to retirement the only staff cuts we are going to make?

Anonymous said...

I hear 80 on the radio today.

Anonymous said...

this original post is disgusting. Do you know what sports means to young people. It helps develop leadership, confidence, team building. I would much rather see 2 million spent on field trips and sports teams then my tax money going to a hebrew charter school. Contrary to what you think,,, you are not the chosen ones for the world only for yourselves